Only one brand in the $33+ Billion boutique fitness market provides a workout rooted in Fight Physics and Exercise Science to deliver results.

All of us are trying to find an exercise routine that will help us become the best versions of ourselves. We’re all looking for a workout that works for us, whether it’s to get in shape, boost our self-esteem, or just feel better about ourselves overall. KickHouse programming is predicated on Fight Physics and Exercise Science to deliver results.

This is the rationale behind KickHouse. KickHouse is a tried-and-true workout created to support anyone looking to push themselves further, do more, and continually improve. Our class structure is based on the exclusive training and workout approach that helps competitive fighters become strong, fierce competitors and athletes at the top of their sport. 

“We’re here to help people find the strength and confidence they need to live their best lives,” says Gwen Dannenbaum, Director of Fitness Education and Programming. “We’re here to inspire individuals, to provide a safe space for people to release their daily stress, to foster and cultivate a sense of community, and to improve the communities in which we live. When our members come in, they are adding tremendous value to their lives with each session.” 

A workout that’s focused on delivering results

Classes at KickHouse are created to meet participants at any fitness level and push them to improve. Members of KickHouse can burn up to 1,000 calories per class thanks to the training program’s unique concentration on kickboxing and fitness. 

Each class format is unique. Some classes are far more kickboxing-oriented, which is great for burning calories, building lean muscle, and increasing balance, while other classes are centered around high-intensity training, recovery or improving abdominal strength. This versatile approach to classes keeps our members on their toes, and increases their engagement. 

According to Gwen Dannenbaum, KickHouse Director of Fitness Education and Programming, “Our results-drive KickHouse exclusive class design ensures you are getting one of the best workouts for your body. Perfect for every fitness level and ability, we pride ourselves on inclusivity for all. Whether you’re looking to lean out and tone your arms, legs, abdominals or booty, there’s no area of your body kickboxing won’t target”. 

Everywhere we travel, we're creating actual communities.

Imagine being welcomed by name as soon as you enter your studio. Imagine having coaches who are as enthusiastic about your development as you are each and every day. Imagine feeling as though you could accomplish anything because the people you are with encourage you to do so. 

Being a member of a KickHouse franchise is like this. 

Here are a few genuine testimonials from our members across the KickHouse nation: 

“I can actually feel my body getting toned after every class and it’s so fun that it’s almost addictive. You can manage your own workout intensity as you progress toward your goal. I love the people I workout with and love the trainers! I look forward to going to class every day.”
From member Helen of Texas

“The coaches are super motivating! I lost 6% body fat and 25 pounds in 6 weeks, 6 WEEKS! I feel so good, I have better eating habits, and I feel stronger inside and out!”
– From member Ashley
of New York

“All of the instructors clearly know their stuff and are really fun. They pay real close attention to your form and give great feedback. In just a couple of months, I’ve seen some great results and met some great people.”
– From member Sierra of California