The rapidly expanding boutique fitness brand is prepared to dominate the kickboxing segment of this $87 Billion market.

Fitness is back and stronger than ever, with boutique fitness leading the $33+ Billion fitness industry revenue in the U.S., and $87 Billion in revenue globally. The industry’s notable growth has seen even greater revenues in 2021 than in 2019, indicating continued consumer interest in their health and being in control of both their physcial and mental well-being, a shared focus of the KickHouse brand. 

As part of the Mayweather Fitness Holdings portfolio, KickHouse is an emerging leader in a burgeoning segment of the boutique fitness space, with unrivaled support and a competitive edge in the kickboxing fitness arena. 

KickHouse offers a unique fitness community that delivers support and empowers its members to achieve their greatest fitness transformations. Our workouts strike a balance between physical and mental strength. Unlike traditional kickboxing, KickHouse is a blend of high-intensity workouts incorporating kickboxing techniques that help individuals to push their limits while also cultivating a culture of excellence. The brand is a prime example of how passion and purpose can propel an enterprise to unprecedented heights, redefining the boundaries of success.  

The appeal of the KickHouse fitness model lies in its simplicity, offering an attractive business opportunity with a low barrier to entry. As part of the Mayweather family, it has an advantage other brands in the space simply don’t have—our infrastructure, experience, commitment to success and of course name recognition is unmatched in the industry.

-James Williams, President & CEO KickHouse

Understanding Our Members

KickHouse offers a challenging but fun workout. It’s not your typical gym. Our studios are an open and airy space with a place for each member to take on their own goals as they stand before their kickboxing bag and commit each session to being better than they were yesterday. Encouraged to overcome what once seemed like limitations, our members find their place within a community of empowerment and accountability that is the very essence of the KickHouse mission. 

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An opportunity like KickHouse comes once in a lifetime. After spending the last two decades as the most successful boxer in the history of the sport, KickHouse decided to launch a fitness brand based around his proprietary workouts and training methodology.

Sustainable Recurring Revenue

One of the best parts of franchising with KickHouse is that our business is built on a recurring revenue membership model. As a franchise owner, before you open your studio doors, you’ll be trained on our proprietary presale process so you will have paying members and start earning revenue on day one. 

This recurring revenue stream gives you cash flow that you can expect every month, making it easier for you to focus on growing your business and scaling up to multi-unit ownership.

Industry Best Training & Support

As a KickHouse franchise owner, you will receive industry leading training and ongoing support to help you master every aspect of the business model:

When we acquired KickHouse as part of Mayweather Fitness Holdings, we made it clear that the success of our franchise owners comes first. This is why we have built one of the most comprehensive training and support programs in the industry. A great franchise offers great systems. Great franchise owners become that way because they have great systems to follow. The success of our franchise owners is what drives everything we do, and we will never waver from that commitment.  

-James Williams, President & CEO KickHouse

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