Our story

Kickhouse Was Created To Build Resilience, Both In Business & In Life

KickHouse has resilience in its DNA and perseverance as a critical differentiator. We encourage our members to grow their strength and resilience through kickboxing. 

We know changes don’t come easily so we don’t give up easily. The KickHouse family is passionate, results-oriented and never complacent. We grow stronger each day, and we empower our community to do the same. 

If you’re ready to see results, KickHouse is ready for you. 

All of the KickHouse workouts are rooted in kickboxing with additional fitness flare in each class type. Kickboxing is accessible to all fitness levels. From beginners to advanced athletes, you’ll see that kickboxing classes torch calories and get you results quickly. Whatever KickHouse class you take, you’ll leave feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on the world! 

One of the nation's fastest growing boutique fitness businesses

The KickHouse fitness programming is built around the training techniques that make competitive fighters the fittest and most resilient athletes in the world today.

That’s right. All of the champion mentality and unique workout techniques that are currently used to effectively train competitive fighters are now accessible to the members of KickHouse.

The ideal KickHouse franchise owner is an entrepreneur eager to be part of a brand that will dominate the industry globally.

Build on Momentum

KickHouse offers business owners the chance to invest in a rapidly expanding brand.

If you’re an entrepreneur committed to building a lasting legacy and shares in our desire to succeed through perseverance and meaningful work, we want to hear from you.

We primarily seek franchisees with a strong business background who are well capitalized and have a passion for the fitness industry. Prior franchise experience can be beneficial, but is by no means necessary. The most effective KickHouse franchise owners are those who know how to inspire, encourage and lead their teams, and our willing and eager to put in the effort.

Are you ready to open a KickHouse franchise?

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