Imagine a world where fitness isn’t just a routine, but a thrilling journey towards empowerment and transformation. At KickHouse we don’t just punch and kick-we punch through the barriers of going the route of entrepreneurship on your own, and kickstart your success as a franchise owner, giving you the full support of an experienced fitness franchise team behind you.

KickHouse isn’t your average kickboxing fitness studio-we’ve blended heart-pounding workouts with a sense of community that’s as invigorating as our training sessions. In your fitness studio, members become a part of the KickHouse family, inspiring and supporting each other every step of the way. KickHouse is a place of results and transformation, for both our members and our franchise owners.

KickHouse was born in 2020 at the intersection of franchising, fitness and doing what’s right. With resilience in its DNA, in 2022 the brand was acquired by Mayweather Fitness Holdings, bringing with it an experienced franchise fitness team and etching a unique place in the boutique fitness industry where KickHouse is now well-positioned as the top kickboxing fitness franchise brand. Synonymous with the Mayweather name, we build championship brands. 

Expanding Market

Health and wellness are on everyone’s minds, making KickHouse perfectly poised for rapid growth. With people seeking engaging workouts and a strong sense of community, your KickHouse franchise becomes a hub where fitness enthusiasts and newcomers unite.

Financial Fulfillment

KickHouse is not just about physical gains, it’s about financial gains too. As a franchise owner, you’ll tap into a proven business model that can yield impressive returns on your investment. With multiple revenue streams, including memberships, classes, and merchandise, your success potential knows no bounds.

Comprehensive Support

When you become a KickHouse franchise owner, you’re never alone. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support, from initial setup to ongoing training and marketing guidance. You’ll have access to a network of fellow franchisees, sharing insights and best practices for collective success.

Making a Difference

More than just a workout, KickHouse kickboxing empowers individuals to conquer challenges, gain confidence, and transform their lives. By owning a KickHouse franchise, you’re not just investing in a business; you’re investing in the well-being of your community.

Join the KickHouse Movement

This is more than an ownership opportunity, it’s an invitation to join a movement that’s reshaping the fitness industry. You can inspire others to embrace their strength and a lifestyle of vitality. Join us in revolutionizing fitness, fostering connections, and redefining success one powerful punch at a time.

Proven, Sustainable Fitness Model

Kickboxing isn’t just some trend, it’s a fitness modality that’s continued to grow interest and is here to stay. KickHouse taps into a high-demand, results-driven workout that not only helps members torch calories but also empowers them mentally and physically.

Both the franchisor and the kickboxing franchise owners in the KickHouse system are committed to partnership and consistently improved operations resulting in unmatched growth and staying ahead of consumer fitness trends. Our proven fitness model is process-driven, taking the guesswork out of operating your own business. From our signature workouts and curated music playlists to our engaging marketing strategies, we’ve honed every aspect to help ensure your studio’s success from day one. 

With low overhead and multiple revenue streams including memberships, classes and merchandise, your success knows no bounds. 


  • Low initial investment in favorable model 
  • Fast development timeline to open studio within seven months 
  • Proven approach to franchising layered with a proven fitness modality 
  • Small footprint and low overhead to minimize the time to break-even 
  • Prime multi-unit and international territories available 


With KickHouse studios open across the U.S., and new locations opening every month, you can tour a studio in person and try a KickHouse workout for yourself to see what all the excitement is about.

Costs & Fees

Total Costs of Ownership Begins at


* According to Item 7 from our most recent franchise disclosure document


“I have always been into health and fitness but I struggled to find my ‘place in the industry’. Once I stepped foot into a KickHouse, I immediately felt a sense of belonging, like I had finally found my ‘place’ and I was determined to open one of my own. At KickHouse we make sure every person who walks in the door feels like family and is encouraged with our fun and motivating workouts no matter what level they are at. Our coaches not only love our members but love their jobs. The KickHouse goal is to help ‘level up’ each individual no matter where they are in their KickHouse journey. Now I am a multi-unit owner and am more determined than ever to expand and broaden my KickHouse presence and identity in the community.”

Voula Douglass

Multi-unit franchise owner in Yorba Linda & Los Alamitos, California
“I have always had a passion for empowering others through the passing of effective knowledge. When I saw KickHouse I saw an opportunity for me to use the system they’ve put together to teach others about a passion of mine and it was a very hard opportunity to pass up. I was drawn in by the simple yet effective system and the apparent drive to increase the skill level above what I have seen in other brands in the industry. When you couple that with a community with such strong bonds of support and encouragement, being in the studio felt like I had found my people.”

Aaron-Michael Blackman

Franchise owner in Hyattsville, Maryland




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National KickHouse Challenge Winners Selected

Participant transformations were judged at the local level, with local finalists advancing to national judging. In the national judging, a panel of five experts ranked local winners using criteria such as pounds and inches lost, percentage of body weight lost, muscle tone gained, ability to inspire others and overall visible physical transformations.

Why KickHouse Kickboxing is the Best Workout

The one quality that separates our kickboxing from any other cardio workout around is the FUN FACTOR our coaches bring!! Kickboxing is a Full Body workout that combines elements of cardio, strength, balance, power and speed training, all packed into our exclusive 45 min sessions.

Join the Winning Team

Our minimum financial requirements include an individual net worth of $400,000 with $150,000 in liquid capital. Based on this, do you meet the financial requirements?*

Join the
Winning Team

Our minimum financial requirements include an individual net worth of $400,000 with $150,000 in liquid capital. Based on this, do you meet the financial requirements?*