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KickHouse Multi-Unit Franchisee Doubles Down on Success, Setting Sights on Expansion

DALLAS, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Distinguished multi-unit franchise owner Michael Anderson has demonstrated exceptional growth with his top-ranking kickboxing fitness franchise studio ($1M+ revenue), KickHouse Parker, CO setting the precedent for unit-level growth in the thriving brand. Anderson is currently focused on expanding his footprint through ownership of recently acquired McKinney, TX studio.

Having achieved milestones rapidly with his first studio, Anderson’s commitment to the business model is the cornerstone of his success. His passion for the KickHouse brand and dedication to delivering an exceptional fitness experience to members sets a benchmark for excellence within the franchise network. When asked about his interest in KickHouse given the many options in boutique fitness, Anderson says, “The KickHouse business model resonated with me from the start. Emphasis on high-energy kickboxing workouts and science-backed programming coupled with a supportive community, has been instrumental in creating an engaging fitness environment. It’s more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle.”

With aspirations for multi-unit ownership, Anderson envisions his expansion within the thriving brand through additional acquisitions, sharing, “I’ve assembled a team from our first studio to train new studio teams, ensuring consistent cross-location management.” Working closely with the KickHouse corporate team to implement proven systems, his focus on nurturing studios aligns with the brand’s commitment to empowering ambitious franchisees aiming for growth and excellence.

In 2022 KickHouse was acquired by Mayweather Fitness Holdings, a portfolio of fitness brands. Bringing an experienced team to the emerging kickboxing brand, focused on unit-level growth and leveraging their expertise in the boxing fitness space, the move positions the portfolio’s franchise brands as top contenders in the boutique fitness industry, and had a significant impact on Anderson’s decision to expand. “The acquisition’s been a game-changer,” Anderson says. “It’s instilled greater confidence in my investment. The expertise and backing of corporate amplify the potential of KickHouse and fueled my desire to grow within this competitive space.”


Founded in 2020, KickHouse is a boutique fitness franchise that provides a workout rooted in flight physics and exercise science to deliver results. Signature total body workouts combine the power of kickboxing with the empowerment of a supportive community in an intimate group fitness setting. A variety of classes are offered making the workouts accessible to beginners and advanced alike. Visit to learn about franchise opportunities.