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3 Different Types Of Health & Wellness Franchise Opportunities

Taking care of our health is more important than ever. Since the pandemic, people have realized the value of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. According to a ACSM Survey, 79% of Americans consider wellness an important factor in their lives while 42% believe it to be a top priority. With all this attention on the space, now is an excellent time to invest in a health and wellness franchise.

But what kind?

Wellness is no longer just about getting fit and eating well; beyond the physical benefits of good health are mental and emotional benefits. With so many opportunities to be successful helping people achieve greater balance in their lives, what type of wellness franchise is best for your lifestyle and financial goals? We’ve listed three opportunities to look at when considering investing in the space:

  • Day spas: The spa experience goes well beyond facials and manicures these days with franchise possibilities including massage, med-spas, tanning, and infra-red saunas. This is a high touch business requiring trained employees, a focus on enhancing appearance, lots of equipment, products, and upkeep. Whether you’re a beauty professional or an entrepreneur looking for an investment, day spas have potential but require lots of work.
  • Gyms: Working out at a gym is many people’s idea of getting in shape. Owning a gym franchise can be potentially more profitable than opening a gym from scratch, and there are several successful gym franchise opportunities to choose from. If you’re interested in standing out with more select offerings, you might want to consider a boutique fitness franchise.
  • Boutique fitness: This type of health franchise offers consumers personalization and addresses not only health and fitness but also mindfulness. Examples of boutique fitness businesses include ballet-based barre workouts, Pilates, yoga, cycling, stretching, boxing, and kickboxing. These franchises tend to offer services like guidance from qualified trainers, nutritional counseling, workshops, group classes, and one-on-one training. A boutique fitness franchise like Kick House offers kickboxing and functional fitness and is accessible to all fitness and skill levels, in a fun and welcoming environment.

If you’re looking for an incredible opportunity to invest in the vast health and wellness space and think a boutique fitness franchise is right for you, look no further than KickHouse. We’re excited to help you determine if your goals can be realized by joining our fast-growing franchise family. Fill out this quick contact form, and we will reach out to you shortly.